BIFICTION is a software solution system where we aim at reducing the stress of buying books from local markets by providing a simplified book buying system on our website.

Struggle and problems of students to buy books are still unsolved at a huge extent which we aim at reducing for our users.

Basically dealing with the e-commerce platform, Bifiction tends to provide a large number of books online with numerous buying options which can have and easy access to the students mainly in tier-2 and tier-3 cities and towns as well as small villages where students have to slog in to the cities in search of study materials.

What makes “ON DEMAND” different from traditional e-commerce systems?

E-commerce websites sell what they have in their vicinity or inventories, whereas BIFICTION preserves an "on demand" system wherein the students can directly ask for the books even if they are not available on our website and we vow to find your book within a stipulated period of time and making it available for our customer.

Write us your request book by checking in our new "BIFI" feature and text us about the book you want.